Swimming Pool Construction

MEBREG Spool And Water Projects Limited is Nigeria's best swimming pool construction company. We consistently maintains very high quality and safety standards which guide our entire operations.

Corporate Quality Assurance/Safety Policy

We ensure the high quality of our swimming pools and projects and guarantee the structure of your pool to prevent any leakage in the life of your pool. We confidently provide this guarantee because we comply with both local and international swimming pool construction standard codes.

We provide our clients with one month maintenance free service with every new pool purchase. This commitment to high quality service means you will continuously enjoy greater peace of mind, lower pool ownership costs, and a greater value for your money.

Swimming Pool Construction Process

Briefly, the following is an outline of what you may expect during the construction of your pool which may answer any questions you have.

Project Timeline:

A standard/normal swimming pool requires approximately 50 working days after the completion of excavation. You will notice as the pool is being built that work progresses in stages. From excavation, blinding, placing of reinforcement, formwork to concrete work and tiling, as the preliminary phase.

Contract Addendum:

Any changes you make to the original contract, estimates and specifications are called addendum and actually amend your original pool contract.


The pool site should be cleared of trees, shrubs, existing debris and other above ground obstructions. Any trees, shrubs or other plantings to be saved should be removed, cared for and replanted by the client. Excavation and fill removal is the messiest stage of construction and quite often creates panic for the inexperienced customer. The cure is "patience", because the site cleans up shortly after the excavation process.


Our excavating team will form and layout the pool as per sketch either provided by the client or drawn up by us and approved by the client prior to commencement of work. Any desired changes must be advised to us immediately.


Reinforcement is installed as per the structural engineering drawings. Extra steel is used at various points of high stress which is a major highlight of our strict standards.

Plumbing Placement:

This next phase you will see our plumbers install the pool plumbing system. The plumbing system is installed as per the engineering drawings and contract terms.


At this stage, conduits are placed for wiring to underwater light and filter equipment. All switch boxes are set and all metal objects within 100mm of the pool are electrically bonded for safety. Electrical inspection is made at this time.


Perimeter of pool is back-filled with granular fill, formed for deck, re-barred and deck concrete poured depending on deck finishing desired.


An exciting range of colourful tiles is provided to the client for selection at this time. After selection is made, our tilers install the tile, usually an approximate 200mm band around the waterline of the pool.


Once the filling has begun, never turn off the water until it has risen to the middle of the tile row. This is to prevent forming of a ring (like bathtub ring) which would be extremely difficult to remove.


Our cleanup crew will remove all our construction debris and leave your premises/access area as clean as it was prior to commencement of work.

We thank you for the time taken to read this brief write-up. Speak with us now and we will send you our corporate profile so that you will know why we are the company you should entrust with the construction of your swimming pool.